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Immersion Pump PSH, 60Hz, single-stage

Artikel-Nr.: PSH6001GOS550L01BA
Spandau Eintauchpumpe PSH, 60Hz, einstufig
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Immersion Depth:

  • PSH6001GOS550L01BA
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Technical Data Delivery rate: 860 l/min Delivery head: max. 32 m Immersion...more
Immersion Pump PSH, 60Hz, single-stage

Technical Data

  • Delivery rate: 860 l/min
  • Delivery head: max. 32 m
  • Immersion depth: max. 550 mm
  • Kinematic viscosity: max. 30 mm²/s
  • Delivery temperature: -30°C to +80°C
  • Grain size: max. Ø8 mm
  • Contamination: max. 9,5 kg/m³
  • Direction of rotation (as viewed looking down on the motor's ventilation side): clockwise
  • Fluids delivered: Emulsions, cooling and cutting oils, water with antirust additive, heat transfer oils

Mechanical design

  • Flange: EN-GJL-200
  • Shaft: 1.0762
  • Impeller: EN-GJL-200
  • Intermediate chamber: EN-GJL-200
  • Intermediate part: Aluminium (Al Cu Mg Pb F 38)
  • Pumps bottom: EN-GJL-200
  • Spray ring: 1.0503

50 Hz and dual-stage available - please contact us for more versions.


  • Vertical singlestage centrifugal pump
  • For delivery of for highly contaminated fluids
  • Installation direcly into the reservoir
  • Pressure port is located above the reservoir plate
  • Pressure port is designed with internal thread G1¼ (single stage)